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CIPHER 7: Contributions wanted.

Chaos Darmstadt has a long tradition of participating in CTF games. This year, the CIPHER-CTF security contest takes place for the seventh time. It is scheduled for July, the exact date is yet to be determined. Until then, contributions are wanted and very welcome.

Chaos Darmstadt has a long tradition of participating in CTF games, winning them, and occasionally hosting our own. One of the better known CTFs  is the CIPHER-CTF, which has a seven year tradition. Last year's CIPHER 6 was cancelled, due to many reasons. One of them being the oversaturation CTF players had experienced in the past years: there's barely time left to breathe between two CTF contests.

CTF tasks become more and more diversified; classical "hacking" skills are less and less required. At first, this was regarded as a welcome change. I think the idea of creating a new kind of game originated from the three year old iCTF, where a virtual "bomb" had to be diffused by subsequently breaking into four machines, without triggering any booby traps, and finally "disarming" the "bomb" (actually, terminating a UNIX process). However, in many recent discussions it became clear to me: people are longing for an opportunity to play a classical CTF again! So let's do one.

CIPHER 7 is looking for contributions. They're looking for hardware resources. So if you're an university or comparable institution, contact them! Also much needed are CTF services, if you feel like writing one, pray do! People who write CTF services will also have to rate advisories written about their service during the CTF - a very fun activity, witnessing your own code being dissected in real time.

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